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Outsourcing in translation business

Ways to attain the best relation between cost and quality of translation services.
24 April, 2019
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Конкурс перевода на английский язык

Издательство Käpylä объявило о приеме заявок на международный конкурс перевода.
05 Декабря, 2018
Просмотров: 288

Czech words in translations

Czech words and their different, sometimes, even opposite meanings in Russian.
20 October, 2017
Viewed: 434

Russian Translation Services

The average rate of Russian Translation Services, based on a translator working 6 hours a day, is 10 USD per one page. Russian Translation Services at low prices – this is our main advantage!
29 August, 2017
Viewed: 594

The cheap translation

There were marked out several groups of translations in the context of the complexity in the practice of the translation agencies. Simply said, there are complex and easy translations. The conventional border is marked regarding the time the translator spends to do the translation and the copy editor spends for proofreading.
11 April, 2017
Viewed: 686

Service for Free Translation of Standard Documents

Flarus Translation Agency presents a new service for free translation of standard documents.
16 November, 2016
Viewed: 646

The history of translations: fashionable shoes

The fashion is never standing still, shoe and leather industry is developing at a quick rate, modern designers are competing with each other in ingenuity and our translation agency, getting a lot of orders for translation in this area, helping companies go out to the global level.
13 July, 2016
Viewed: 1202

Translations in the field of manufacture of composite materials

We perform translations of technical documents and equipment manuals.
04 March, 2015
Viewed: 1116

Internationalism prompts boom in language business

Adjusted for inflation, the median annual salary for translators and interpreters rose from $44,500 to $53,410 between 2004 and 2012, according to Labor Department data. The majority of full-time workers are freelancers, and they are paid by the word, ranging from 7 cents a word to 30 cents, depending on the language and specialization, according to association.
20 August, 2014
Viewed: 1129

Game translations

The point of complexity for the online and video games translation is that it is necessary to translate all text elements not only in correct and easy for all users form, but also to reproduce remarks of characters, considering style of communication, character of the hero and even game genre.
21 March, 2014
Viewed: 763

History of translation: Mini excavators – small-size machinery with great capabilities

Construction and industrial technologies are a frequent subject of our translations: we translate operations manuals for various construction machinery (excavator-loaders, mini loaders, crushers etc.), as well as construction machinery and additional attached implements catalogs within the specificity of road building equipment for earthworks.
28 February, 2014
Viewed: 1326

Continuous and casual translators’ work on the order has different efficiency with equal intensity

We value our clients who need language services on regular basis, who order solid translations. That is why I, the Chief of Flarus Translation Company, will try to explain key aspects appearing in implementation of the large orders.
08 November, 2013
Viewed: 1292

History of Translations: Musical and Choreographic Ballet Characters

We have been translating the book from the French language recently. It was ballet evolution from the middle of the 19th century up to the early 20th century book which was translated into Russian in our Translation Agency.
05 November, 2013
Viewed: 1292

Road signs in Altai will have an English translation

Road signs along the most popular tourist routes in Altai will be provided with an English translation.
30 July, 2013
Viewed: 1359

The 17th International Exhibition AQUA-THERM Moscow 2013

The 17th International Exhibition AQUA-THERM Moscow 2013 will take place in Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre from 5th to 8th February.
05 February, 2013
Viewed: 1136

Международная Выставка AQUA-THERM Moscow 2013

В выставочном центре "Крокус Экспо" с 5 по 8 февраля пройдет 17-я Международная Выставка AQUA-THERM Moscow 2013
05 Февраля, 2013
Просмотров: 1097

Localization World

4-6 June 2012, Paris, France (Le Palais des Congres de Paris)
04 June, 2012
Viewed: 1436

Конференция Localization World пройдет в Париже 4-6 июня 2012

В этом году темой конференции является "Ноу-хау для глобального бизнеса". Конференция пройдет в Париже 4-6 июня 2012 года.
04 Июня, 2012
Просмотров: 1413

The 7th EUATC International Conference

The 7th EUATC International Conference, focusing on innovation and new business models, will be held at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Helsinki on 26 - 27 April 2012.
26 April, 2012
Viewed: 1621

VII Международная конференция EUATC пройдет в Хельсинки 26-27 апреля 2012

7-ая Международная конференция Европейского союза переводческих ассоциаций (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies) пройдет в Хельсинки (Финляндия) 26-27 апреля 2012 года.
26 Апреля, 2012
Просмотров: 1852


25 April, 2012
Viewed: 1708

Переводческий саммит Азиатского региона TAUS пройдет в Пекине 24-25 апреля 2012 года

Саммит TAUS (The Translation Automation User Society) – это открытый форум для представителей отрасли переводов.
25 Апреля, 2012
Просмотров: 1390

Translation Research Summer School (TRSS) 2012 in Edinburgh and Hong Kong

The Translation Research Summer School (TRSS) is a joint initiative of three British universities and the Centre for Translation at the Hong Kong Baptist University. The summer schools offer intensive research training in translation and intercultural studies for prospective researchers in the field.
09 November, 2011
Viewed: 1425

The Harvill Secker Young Translators` Prize 2011

Egyptian actor, writer and editor Wiam El-Tamimi was awarded the 2011 Harvill Secker Young Translators` Prize for her translation of Mansoura Ezz Eddin`s "Gothic Night".
05 Октября, 2011
Просмотров: 1232

Happy International Translation Day

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September on the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who was recognised by the Catholic Church as the patron saint of translators, scholars and editors.
30 September, 2011
Viewed: 1240

Definition of "Red" in The Titles of "The Mentalist" TV Series

According to Oxford Dictionary "red": 1) of a colour at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies; 2) (of hair or fur) of a reddish-brown colour; 3) used to denote something forbidden, dangerous, or urgent, etc.
07 September, 2011
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A weekly newsletter for people in the translation industry

The Premium edition is the complete newsletter, packed with technical tips and tricks of the trade.
01 August, 2011
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Все публикации написаны редакторами и переводчиками бюро переводов Фларус и сотрудничающими с нами внештатными корреспондентами. Статьи публикуются только на этом сайте с 2009 года. Новости переводов - это платформа для реализации талантов, стремлений и достижений переводчиков и в настоящее время является наиболее популярным источником тематических материалов в рунете.

Многие публикации описывают ситуации из переводческой практики, часто возникающие проблемы и способы их решения. Подписка на ежемесячную рассылку избранных материалов позволит быть в курсе основных событий на рынке перевода, а также помогает переводчикам приобрести опыт, что, в конечном счете, позволяет зарабатывать больше на услугах перевода.

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